Software Hosting

"How much do you spend on server maintenance each year?"

Acquiring a new server can be an expensive purchase, but the initial cost is only the beginning. Most companies spend thousands of dollars per year on server maintenance – often in excess of $50,000 per year!

Sys2K can alleviate much of the cost and pressure of maintaining up-to-date servers. Imagine not having to perform Windows® updates, daily software data back-ups, anti-virus updates, hardware trouble-shooting, RAM increases and other hardware updates, and overall maintenance. And no matter how well you perform these duties, no company is ever prepared for a hardware failure or natural disaster.

Sys2K takes care of all updates, trouble-shooting, and maintenance associated with the care of servers. Sys2K keeps its servers in a high-security location with safe-guards against power outages and disasters. All servers are mirrored to protect you from hardware failures, and back-ups are performed daily.

Server Security

Our servers are housed at a high-security co-location, 20 feet from Federal and State Government servers, and right next door to a well known travel reservation website’s server.

In the event of any kind of power outage, generators will run immediately for up to 2 weeks if needed. In addition, the co-location has a special agreement with gasoline companies, granting it access to any fuel for its generators before any local gas stations.

Your dealership will gain access to the servers through a VPN firewall router. This router ensures you will have a fast, direct connection into our servers, and your data will always be safe and encrypted.

Hosting Services

Dealers who host Infinity on Sys2K servers receive:

  • • Software & Data Transfer and Installation
  • • Windows® Terminal Server Client Access Licenses
  • • Windows® Server Updates
  • • Anti-Virus Updates
  • • Infinity Updates
  • • Server-Mirroring Services
  • • Continuous Live SQL Data Backup
  • • Daily Infinity Back-up Services
  • • Hardware Updates

Did you know?