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1. Is a demo kit available to view the software? Back To Top

Yes, Sys2K provides a demo kit which includes (3) CD-ROMs, a company profile, detailed module information, sample reports and hardware recommendations. Click here or call 407-358-2000 to request your demo kit today!

2. What "modules" or "departments" does Sys2K provide? Back To Top

Sys2K Dealership Software is a comprehensive DMS system that handles Sales Prospecting, Deal Desking, Accounting, Payroll, Credit Bureaus, Parts/Service POS, Inventory, Finance and Insurance, Purchase Orders, Receiving, and Premium Website Services.

3. How is Sys2K Dealership Software licensed? Back To Top

Sys2K Dealership Software is licensed according to the number of workstations or users that will be accessing the software system. Terminal Servers allow the use of concurrent user licenses. Sys2K Dealership Software is not licensed on a modular basis. All modules are included with every implementation.

4. What types of training are available? Back To Top

Corporate office (Orlando, FL vicinity), regional, online, and on-site training options are available. Refer to the Training section of our web site for additional information.

5. What services are included with Sys2K's support package? Back To Top

Unlimited Phone Call Support, Unlimited Finance and Warranty Forms*, Unlimited Electronic Price Book and Flat Rate Table Updates, Unlimited Access to our Online Help Videos, and Unlimited Software Upgrades.
* Some changes may not be included. Contact for details.

6. Which DCS communications are currently available? Back To Top

Sys2K provides certified DCS interfacing to Ford, GM and Chrysler. Other DCS interfaces will be developed on demand.

7. Can Sys2K Dealership Software handle multiple locations dealerships? Back To Top

Sys2K Dealership Software can easily handle multiple dealership locations nationwide. Contact a salesperson for more information on many of the excellent multi-location benefits Sys2K has to offer.

8. What hardware is recommended to handle multiple locations? Back To Top

Sys2K recommends Windows Terminal Server environments using 2003 or 2008 Windows Server Editions.

9. What versions of Windows will Sys2K Dealership Software run on? Back To Top

Sys2K Dealership Management Software is optimized for Windows Terminal Server environments using 2003 or 2008 Windows Server Editions and for workstations using Windows XP through Windows 8 version Professional or greater.

10. Does Sys2K Dealership Software support bar code scanning technology? Back To Top

Yes. Bar code technology can be used for point of sale, inventory receiving, and unit lot location tracking, to name a few. Dealers can print barcodes directly from the system, which automatically recognizes UPC codes & barcodes from supplier & manufacturer price files.

Back To Top 11. Does Sys2K Dealership Software allow the
download of information to Personal Digital Assistants?


12. Is Sys2K Dealership Software compatible with wireless networks? Back To Top


13. Is Sys2K Dealership Software compatible with Tablet PC wireless technology? Back To Top


14. Is Sys2K Dealership Software installed as a "turnkey" solution? Back To Top

Yes, contact Sys2K for information regarding our Black Tie Services. Sys2K Black Tie Services provide dealerships with a total hardware/software and training solution. This solution includes the installation of all required Hardware, Software Setups, On-Site Training, Forms Programming, Ongoing System Education and Priority Support.

Back To Top 15. Does Sys2K allow dealers to attend training sessions for the
purpose of evaluating the Sys2K Dealership Software solution?

Yes, dealers may arrange to attend our corporate office training held every other month of the year. Contact Sys2K for specifics.

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