Bus Dealer Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Sys2K's Infinity Bus Dealer CRM Software efficiently tracks and manages customer communications for bus manufacturers, dealerships, and supporting industries. The CRM module fully integrates customer information with other modules in real-time and automatically facilitates customer follow-ups. The Infinity Bus Dealer Software offers quick organization of customer information and productivity features which enable customizable sales reporting and prospect analysis. With the CRM module, dealerships will reduce marketing costs, while also growing customer relationships and generating revenue.

Finance & Insurance (F&I)
The Finance and Insurance (F&I) module analyzes and builds quotes for bus dealers. The F&I module will maximize dealership profitability by providing managers with the tools to analyze sales, sell an unlimited amount of units on a single deal, create numerous financing options, and view all service work performed on units. The Infinity Bus Dealer Software's integrated quoting module accelerates and enhances the sales and financing process for customers through menu-selling, payment options, and credit-checking abilities. The F&I module will increase the organizational efficiency of the sales process which maximizes dealership profitability.

Unit Inventory
The Infinity Bus Dealer Software's Unit Inventory module can accommodate the needs of any bus dealer. The module provides inventory management and tracking of an unlimited number of units across multiple dealership locations while integrating with the CRM, F&I, Parts, and Accounting modules. Unit Inventory allows dealers to analyze inventory costs through detailed reporting methods, while offering customization to unit packages in order to maximize sales. Sys2K provides a comprehensive inventory management system which will track, report, and analyze any inventory type.

Sys2K's Parts module manages invoicing, purchase ordering, and receiving for all bus dealerships. The Parts module provides dealers with an easy-to-use interface to create pricing based on cost, margin, and listing price. With integrated modules, the Parts module tracks orders and allows special allocation abilities to avoid under-stocking. Sys2K Bus Dealer Software provides an easily managed and controlled Parts- tracking returns, special orders, and sales across multiple profit centers and supplier locations. With its automatic up-selling abilities, the Parts module can increase individual customer sales while enhancing dealership profitability.

Sys2K's Service module allows bus dealers to create and manage service invoicing, estimates, and orders. The Service module provides scheduling and dispatching features, while efficiently importing billing, repair, and work order information across multiple departments. With the Infinity service system, manufacturers can create and reimport work order templates with an unlimited amount of lines and parts. Infinity's integrated system offers the ability to track warranties, communicate service status to customers, and analyze productivity, which will improve the overall efficiency of any service department.

The Infinity Accounting module integrates with all software modules, offering easy management of transactions for single and multiple dealer locations. It will generate hundreds of standard, custom financial reports and tax records for individual or departmental use. Sys2K empowers dealers with the tools to identify, analyze, and control costs, while identifying improvable areas of operation.

The Infinity Payroll module provides bus dealers with support tools to help streamline the payroll process. Dealers can automatically track and calculate wages, earnings, vacation time, and deductions throughout the fiscal year. Additionally, the Payroll module fully integrates with the Accounting module to generate automated annual reports and important government year-end data for employees. The Payroll module saves dealership resources by automating payroll processes across the board.

The Infinity Rental module is designed to provide bus dealers with basic database rental unit management and rental contract printing features. Sys2K's Rental module is integrated with Unit Inventory, thus eliminating dual input. Sys2K allows a different rental rate to be set for each vehicle with the appropriate surcharges. Contracts can be created and printed, complete with driver, stock number, and relevant insurance information. Contracts may also be stored and retrieved for re-printing at a later date. An End-of-Day Close Analysis Report is also available through this system.*

* Setup fees may apply.

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