Product Info

The Sys2K Infinity DMS is a comprehensive, Windows-based dealership software solution. It is cost-effective for dealerships of any size, from 1 user to more than 1000 users, and from one location to multiple locations. Infinity provides dealers and manufacturers with efficient and profitable solutions across every spectrum of the business.

Sys2K's DMS provides an integrated package including specific modules such as:

Accounting CRM
Finance & Insurance Parts
Payroll Rental*
Service Unit Inventory

* Setup fees may apply.

Our DMS has certifications from General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corporation. The software also interfaces electronically with Stag Parkway, Bell Industries, Coast Distribution and links to over 200 pricing catalogs.

As a true Microsoft Windows application that incorporates the latest technologies, our software smoothly interfaces to other Microsoft applications, like Excel and Word, all while providing your dealerships with a quality, cost-effective alternative to your current system.

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