Dealership Accounting At the heart of Sys2Ks Infinity software is the Accounting module - a complete and integrated approach to handling the unique requirements of dealership accounting. Infinity simplifies your information processing with easy-to-read screens and reports, and allows activity to be easily verified via transaction dates that appear on all entries.

With a direct interface to Microsoft Office, Infinity can be dynamically linked to Microsoft Excel. This feature allows you to customize reports to meet your unique dealership requirements. Also, Infinity is designed to minimize data entry. The business office staff is free to spend its time reviewing the many reports available that ensure accurate assessments of current financial standing.

Key Features

  • Easy to use, graphical & intuitive
  • Complete accounting control over input from other Sys2K modules (via a holding file for review/editing prior to posting)
  • Automatic electronic check clearing capability (compatible with most financial institutions)
  • Extensive report menu with detailed filters
  • Complete security controls to precisely restrict or enable specific accounting access & functions
  • Departmental tracking, account splits
  • Multi-company capable
  • Data export to Excel for virtually unlimited data manipulation & customized report generation
  • Capabilities for printing on blank stock checks with MICR check printers
  • Customizable screen defaults for fast data entry tailored to dealership needs
  • Default chart of accounts provided or use the dealership's custom chart of accounts
  • Alphanumeric account number entry up to 10 characters in length
  • Individual or combined financial reports by company, profit center, department
  • Unit count tracking for determining average gross values
  • Asset management: Detailed Reports, Depreciation, Scheduling
  • Assign any account a financial statement, Excel or Lotus spreadsheet bucket number
  • On-Screen transaction display allows for viewing current transaction history & balance on each account
  • Each GL account number allows for expensing up to 8 different departments by percentage
  • Convenient on-screen transaction display to view transactions pertaining to a specific stock number. Update purchase price, add-ons, repairs, additional cost, total cost & PAC cost for each unit. Track floor plan amounts & any curtailments applied
  • Flexible accounts receivable system with convenient on-screen activity display & one-click retrieval of archived transactions
  • Convenient on-screen activity display of accounting history for each account for tracking accounts payable. View every transaction for auditing purposes

Did you know?