CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer Relationship Management In a time when traditional marketing techniques are being replaced with websites, emails, and other advanced practices, it is not uncommon for a dealership to become inundated with hundreds if not thousands of leads. Whether these leads are generated through phone calls, walk-in traffic, or a lead generation website, you must have a CRM sales management system in place that will organize, distribute and follow-up on these incoming leads Each lead presents an opportunity and the management of these opportunities becomes crucial. Without proper lead management, it is pointless to spend money on advertising, sales personnel, and website development.

The Sys2K CRM is programmed in Microsoft's dot net language. All data is encrypted and stored in Microsoft's Sequel Server for security and stability. The CRM system is designed for connectivity to all lead generation websites and easily allows the import of 3rd party prospect lists. More importantly, your dealership's website can be developed by Sys2K to tie directly into your CRM Software.

When prospects visit your website and submit information requests, they will instantly be pushed into the CRM system for management. Sys2K uses it's own email and messaging module. With this feature you have already saved on the cost of purchasing products, such as, Microsoft's Outlook or other email and messaging applications.

Leads generated by websites or listing companies automatically drop into a designated Email box, belonging to your internet sales manager or other assigned personnel. From there, the leads can be assigned to each sales representative in the dealership, either through an automated or manual process. These leads along with all customer communication and staff notes may be easily viewed by management, ensuring that no leads are mismanaged and, that your dealership maximizes results from online advertising. Sys2K has made it easier than ever to enter prospect information into the system. Information can be captured instantly with a driver's license scanner, automatically loaded from incoming website leads, or manually keypunched. Built in driver's license and insurance card scanning is a great time saver. Using a scanner eliminates the need to make a photo copy of someone's license and insurance card. These images are legal copies and can be reprinted at anytime. The prospect's name, address, drivers license number and date of birth are read and inputted automatically in one easy step. You save time, paper, and filing cabinet storage. As new prospects are entered, the CRM system automatically searches the database to eliminate duplicate entries.

With the built in calendar screen you can set appointments and reminders by day, week, or month. Confirmed daily appointments and reminders will automatically display on the calendar. There is also a shared calendar feature which allows for group calendars to be created for the dealership. This could potentially contain a company-wide calendar, unit delivery calendar, or even security restricted manager level calendars. Sys2K Dealership Management Software's CRM also keeps tabs on prospects that have a scheduled follow up. It will display all contacts that have been flagged for contact today. Leads for the selected salesman that are not contacted on time will reappear in red continuously until they are appropriately taken care of.

Technology is advancing quickly and cell phone usage for text messaging and email access is becoming common place. Clicking on the blue labels for 'Cell Number' or 'E-mail' will automatically open the message editor and send a text message to the prospects cell phone or email address.

Once your data is entered into the Sys2K CRM system, it is immediately available for recall and transfer into the finance and insurance system, thus eliminating the need to enter the same data twice.

When it comes to managing your leads, nothing comes close to the power of the Systems 2000 CRM. You will get the most out of each and every lead that comes across your desk. Leads are valuable opportunities, and with Sys2K's software you can turn these opportunities into sales.

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