Finance & Insurance

Finance and Insurance Once a prospect makes a purchase, your finance manager can retrieve all relevant personal information from the Prospect Management / CRM Module, thus avoiding the need to re-enter the same data. Contract and state forms are automatically printed and ready for the customer's signature. Additional software features include system management options that allow the user to quickly add, modify, or delete sales personnel, lenders, and insurance companies. Full Service credit bureau access capabilities provide detailed credit information on your finance customer. Sys2K also provides a detailed vehicle inventory control system complete with internal repair order tracking. Unit sales can be based on actual cost figures available from within the F&I system.

Key Features

  • Customer data control including personal, financial and vehicle / vessel / motor / trailer information
  • Sales deal tracking, "quick-quote" payments, customer and stock number search features. Automatic prompts to allow alternative selections for matching a customer's payment criteria
  • Direct Credit Bureau information access from the deal with additional data sources for closing the sale. (Credit Bureau interface must be set-up by Sys2K)
  • Real-time Front End/Back End analysis available as the deal develops to allow management critique and deal approval
  • Master inventory input including specific fields such as multi-motor and trailer inventory with serial number tracking capability with search features. Product inventories can be loaded and adjusted to reflect factory and dealer installed accessories. Add-ons integrate into cost/sell pricing and directly adjust balance due and payment amounts for customer review.
  • Window sticker printing capability including manufacturer and/or dealer add-on accessories/options
  • Master Inventory control & reports including single line item Salesman / Manager / Accounting reports. Pre-loadable pick lists for Type and Style for efficient inventory setup and completion of title and licensing forms
  • Make/Model selections and Deal defaults can be pre-set for multiple product lines and to allow accounting deal breakout report writing
  • Front End, Back End and Deal Wash Out reports
  • Direct integration to Accounting and Parts / Service with automatic transfer of customer, deal, and inventory data using quick merge check-off feature
  • Roll Payment feature to select scenarios to build a deal around customer desired payment level
  • Roll Back feature to easily determine at what amount to sell a unit to meet customer cash-in-hand or "out-the-door" price. Roll back feature works the deal figures in reverse
  • Amortization Schedule with printout capability
  • Audio Help system for user training
  • Quick customer phone lookup option
  • Create and finalize customer deals and print all required contracts and forms
  • Calculate Leases / Display Retail versus Lease comparisons
  • Generate Quick Quotes for fast quoting of customer payments / Transfer quick quotes to actual deals once customer purchase is finalized
  • Calculate Salesperson and Business Manager commissions / print applicable commission vouchers
  • Complete reports for salespeople, managers and accounting personnel
  • Accommodate up to three trades per deal
  • Maintain full security per user
  • Access Unit inventory from deal financing screen
  • Print washout reports for each deal
  • Customize dealership Accessory Database
  • Customize pick lists to match dealership needs and requirements
  • Display "pop-up" Calendars for fast Date selection and insertion
  • Create presets to customize new deals for specific customers
  • Display Federal Truth & Lending disclosure information

Did you know?