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Sys2K's Dealership Management System (DMS) for Windows is a comprehensive Windows-based dealership software solution. Designed and written for high volume and multi-location dealerships, it is still cost effective for any size dealer.

Sys2K was selected by an international General Motors team for implementation at GM's Chinese parts and service outlets after being compared to a number of UNIX and Pick based systems worldwide. Daimler Corporation (formally Daimler/Chrysler) currently uses Sys2K for its North American Setra tour bus plant. And with certifications from General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler Corporation along with electronic interfaces with StagParkway, Bell Industries, Coast Distribution and links to over 150 pricing catalogs, Sys2K has built Dealership Management Software to handle the unique needs of automotive, RV, marine & motor sports, heavy duty truck, bus, and cargo trailer dealerships.

Being a true Microsoft Windows application with the latest technologies, the Systems 2000 Dealership Management Software smoothly interfaces to other Microsoft applications, all while providing your dealerships with a quality, cost-effective alternative to your current system.

Sys2K's Dealership Management Software provides an integrated package including specific modules such as Sales Prospecting (CRM), Menu Selling, Deal Desking/Quoting, Finance & Insurance, Accounting, Payroll, Parts Inventory, Service RO Tracking, and Service Dispatching/scheduling,. Completely designed for ease-of-use by individual staff members while providing management staff with detailed financial reports, cost analysis and accounting control. Sys2K incorporates comprehensive report features that allow you to create your own reports with dynamic links to Microsoft Word and Excel!

Sys2K Dealership Management Software has in-depth inventory tracking and multi-manufacturer warranty billing capability. You can create window stickers, list your inventory availability automatically on the Internet and interface directly with manufacturers to quickly secure distributor price disk updates. You can track sales deals, create "quick quotes" and automatically convert a prospect into a financed customer using the Finance & Insurance module. Closed data can be automatically transferred to the General Ledger.

Included is automatic cell phone text messaging for those times when you are away from the dealership. The messaging software integrates with the sales prospecting module to automatically generate follow up letters, print daily call back reports and perform sales traffic analyses. Prospect information is available at the sales manager's desk for deal desking, customization of the stock unit, transferring the deal to finance and starting any necessary repair orders. The finance department adds any after-market, warranty and insurances as needed, prints the contracts, calculates profit, transfers the deal to accounting and activates the customer in the service department. The service department tracks all work performed for that stock unit. Service history can be retrieved according to customer number, VIN or stock number. All invoiced work originating in the parts and service departments is electronically transferred to the Accounting.

Included in Sys2K's support package are:
• Unlimited Forms changes to the Finance & Insurance module
• Unlimited Price Books & Service Guide Interfaces
• Access to Audio Help Training
• Unlimited Software Upgrades & Internet downloading

You realize significant savings by implementing a truly integrated Windows system.
Consider the following productivity and revenue costs you can eliminate by selecting the appropriate software system:

• Underestimating inventory losses
• Duplicating or re-entering data (required when using non-integrated, non dealer-specific or "off-the-shelf" products)
• Processing and re-submitting warranty claims by hand (versus electronic transmittal)
• Failure to track mechanic efficiency (loss of productivity)
• Failure to track and follow-up on sales leads (loss of sales & customer feedback)
• Cost of outsourcing payroll functions (versus handling payroll on-site & sending comprehensive summary reports to a CPA)
• Costs due to inadequate accounting control & the lack of audit report alerts
• Adopting software that you will "grow out of," instead of investing once in one you can "grow into."
• Paying either too little or too much for systems that are outdated (versus DOS or UNIX systems that don't keep pace with emerging trends in technology, e.g. Internet connectivity, open architecture requirements, handheld devices).
Sys2K also provides a demo CD kit that gives you a hands-on demonstration, available upon request.

Key Features
• Fully Operational Dealership Management System
• True Microsoft Windows Application (all modules)
• Operational as a stand-alone or integrated system (peer to peer, client-server & terminal server)
• In use by over 800 dealerships worldwide
• Competitively priced for dealerships of all sizes
• Compatible with Windows 2000, XP Professional, Terminal Services, NT, Vista
• Built-in security features (create lock out passwords and assign specific user access
• Sales Prospecting, Deal Desking/Quoting, Finance and Insurance, Accounting (General Ledger, Accounts Payable/Receivable and Check Writing), Payroll, Parts Inventory, Service Tracking, Service Dispatching, Rental and Phone Messaging
• Twentyfive (25) accounting and unit audit reports to alert dealership to possible accounting inconsistencies
• Multi-Motor/Trailer/Vessel Inventory and Floor Plan
• Departmentalized Financial Statements
• Direct Interface and Dynamic Links to Microsoft Office products (Excel and Word)
• Seamless interface for parts and inventory to the Internet
• Automatic Credit Bureau and Warranty Processing
• Manufacturer Communications for Electronic Data Communication
• On Screen multi-media training and help videos
• Unlimited 24x7 hour emergency software support
• Unlimited forms changes and scheduled software updates (no monthly hourly limits, per form charges or upgrade purchase requirements)
• Automatic approval process for Bank of the West customers
• Inventory download capability to 3Com's Palm Pilot Vx (enables sales staff to check units in stock from any location on the lot)
• Tablet PC interface capability
• Customized to handle Trailer-specifi dealership requirements
• Partnerships with Stag Parkway, Coast Distribution, and Bell Industries
• Selected by Coachmen Industries for its corporate-owned stores
• Selected by Diamler Corporation for its Setra Tour Bus North America division (over $7 million in parts inventory).
• Selected by General Motors for its service center locations in China.
• Serving the Automotive, Recreational Vehicle, Marine, and Motorsport dealership industry since 1984.

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