Dealership Management Software Payroll System Sys2K Dealership Management Software provides a straightforward Payroll to handle multiple and varied deductions while flexibly accommodating changing tax brackets, withholdings, and different pay plans for multiple employees. Sys2K Dealership Management Software's Payroll Module handles commissions, bonuses and unlimited deduction codes. Full integration is available to Sys2K Dealership Management Software's Electronic Time Clock for simplified payroll, auditing, and tracking. Sys2K Payroll prints the necessary state and federal reports including W-2s and IRS-Certified 941 Quarterly Reports.

Key Features

  • Auto-pay salaried employees
  • Automate calculation of time cards and writing of payroll checks
  • Maintain up to 6 default rates/departments per employee
  • Automatic splitting of employee hourly wages between departments
  • Automatic tracking of vacation and sick hours used
  • Automatic tracking of salary history
  • Worker's Compensation accruals and reporting
  • FUTA/SUTA accruals and reporting
  • 401k Monthly Reporting
  • Voluntary Deductions based on flat amount or percent of gross
  • State and Federal Withholding Tax Tables (internet website download)
  • Laser or dot matrix checks
  • Laser W-2s
  • Generate IRS-approved 941 quarterly reports (laser printer required)
  • Comprehensive payroll reports
  • Fast and efficient voiding of payroll checks
  • Screen print options for print preview and paper conservation
  • User-defined Earnings and Deductions Codes
  • State-specific tax calculations
  • Canadian payroll processing
  • Direct integration to accounting

Did you know?