Service Module

Dealer Management Software Service Sys2K's Parts and Service modules allow your team to seamlessly integrate their activities and transactions. The system connects directly with a multitude of partners, saving time and making the entire process more accurate and streamlined.

The Infinity Service module is a comprehensive Service Invoicing, Labor Time Tracking, Scheduling and Dispatching system. Once a customer name is entered on a work order, then past service history, discount information, vehicle information and communication history can all be instantly accessed with a simple click. Discounts can be applied as one-time specials, or entered according to customer profile. Infinity tracks warranty, retail, internal, and body shop repair work.

Infinity handles hourly and flat rates and allows mechanics to clock directly in the repair from a PC, iPod, iPhone, or iPad and can calculate efficiency in real-time. Flat rate manuals can be easily imported and accessed instantly from the job line.

The module allows for the entry of "canned jobs" which let you preload and customize both labor and parts information for that repair operation, saving valuable time on repetitive data entry. Infinity also provides a range of analysis and reporting tools for tracking labor and parts usage and profitability while measuring both mechanic and service advisor efficiency.

Service Module Features

  • Customize the information on the invoicing list to easily view needed information at a glance.
  • Attach images to repair orders from a stand-alone camera or automatically from our mechanic and service advisor apps. This is particularly helpful for streamlining the documentation process for warranty and insurance repairs.
  • Easily split invoices down to the individual repair line, useful for manufacturers or when there is a mixture of jobs such as retail, warranty and internal on the same invoice.
  • Created canned jobs which allow you to pre-build common jobs saving time on repetitive data entry.
  • Integrate flat rate manuals to assign flat rate labor hours to individual job lines, as well as calculate mechanic efficiency in real-time.
  • Submit parts requests from the repair order which then seamlessly communicates with the parts department.
  • Submit special orders directly from the repair order which is then tracked all the way through the receiving process.
  • Schedule and dispatch technicians.
  • Integrate with accounting and unit inventory to provide real-time cost figures on units for determining gross profit or calculating commissions.
  • Schedule repair orders with service advisors and generate email and calendar appointment reminders to customers.

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