Unit Inventory

The Sys2K Dealership Management Software Unit Inventory Module makes entering and managing your inventory a breeze. By utilizing a single database to encompass all of your dealer locations, your dealership will be able to effortlessly manage inventory across multiple locations, companies, and profit centers. Also, from directly within the system, you can easily store unit inventory images, data, and even email unit pictures and information to prospects.

Along with our standard unit inventory reports, we understand that every dealer prefers to view their inventory reports in a certain format so we have included custom inventory reporting. The robust reporting features allow users the option to build customized reports and personalize reporting views for better unit analysis.

Entering inventory into the Unit Inventory Module is quick and easy with preset dropdowns, entire unit copy and paste, and unit preset templates to quickly enter multiple units at once. Your dealership will also have the ability to build out custom units for pre-order with different specifications. To speed the inventory entering process up even more, VIN de-coding (year/make/model/etc.) is available for automotive units.

Key Features

  • One unit database serving all dealer locations
  • Manage unit inventory images and data all from one system
  • Quickly send unit pictures to prospects from within the system
  • Easily import manufacturer picture packs and link to third-party websites for automatic site updating
  • Build customized reports and personalize user views for better unit analysis
  • Build out custom units for pre-order with different specifications
  • VIN de-coding (year/make/model/etc.) for auto units
  • Effortless consignment unit management
  • Easily add/remove factory-installed and other accessories and options
  • Track unit history across multiple owners
  • Manage inventory across multiple companies and profit centers
  • Unlimited unit storage capabilities and infinite record recall on past units
  • Easily create unit packages & connect motors, hulls and trailers together in inventory
  • Customizable unit statuses & color coding
  • Attach scanned invoices or MSRP documents to any unit

Did you know?