For 25 years, Sys2K has provided customers with a complete Dealership Management
System at an affordable price. Here's what some of our customers have to say about us.

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Ben Hirsch, COO of Campers Inn

We especially liked how the CRM module is the heart of the DMS and how it integrates into all the other modules, including Parts and Service. Additionally, the Accounting module is designed for multiple locations and will allow us to do even more without the need for more people. It offers many features and toggles to ensure we tighten our processes as we continue to grow.

Tim Sheehan, CEO of Lazydays

At Lazydays, we saw the benefits of the Sys2K software over its competitors. The software allows us to easily capture leads, assign the salesperson through its rotation module, alert the salesperson, and provide follow-up reminders. Salespeople can then enter notes at their desktops, iPhones, iPads, or Android tablets. With Infinity’s interface capabilities and management dashboard, we have more visibility of our leads and current status within our sales process.

The system also eliminates duplication of work and speeds up our sales-to-delivery process. The sales department can create quotes, and without rekeying data, the F&I department can process the deal using interfaces with companies like AppOne, Coach-Net, and even does our title work submission.

Carol of Truck-Man, Inc.

"The program is absolutely the best. The program itself hits on everything and any tool needed to create, prospect, finance and keep a customer for life. The staff at Systems 2000, from the receptionist on, are always friendly and willing to help resolve whatever problem or entry that you need help with. Systems 2000 and the staff are absolutely the most professional, experienced, and knowledgeable people I've ever had the pleasure of working with."
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Dan Frank of CPA

"I was hired by Nations Bus Corp to install their new Systems 2000 Dealer Management System software. Nations Bus Corp buys and sells new and used shuttle buses as well as selling parts. I was able to readily implement all modules of Systems 2000 without delay. Systems 2000 support was impressive and readily available. Having extensive experience with the larger DMS systems, I can categorically state Systems 2000 as the most cost effective DMS solution that I know of."
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Melanie of Kitsmiller RV

"The product has allowed us full integration of our RV business while providing controls on various activities. It has provided structures to help us develop routines that have saved us money. Also, the tech support staff is the absolute best. They are very knowledgeable and friendly, but most important, they are PATIENT. They never make me feel stupid for asking questions. If I have a problem, they do whatever it takes to resolve the issue."

CE Chisolm of Chisolm RV

"Infinity is more flexible and more comprehensive than my previous accounting system."

Tina Seal of TS-RV Dealership

"I have used Sys2K since 2004. I have seen the improvements they have made within their software program. Sys2K is an efficient integrated software system and the employees are friendly and willing to get my questions answered. Thank you Sys2K."

Matt Kortman, General Manager of Terrytown RV Superstores

"Great people, great features, good value. Our dealership has used Systems 2000 software for over 10 years now, starting with Galaxy software and limited integration. We are now nearly fully integrated with Infinity software and still keep finding features that enhance our ability to do business better. Tech support response is typically good for day-to-day bugs (trickier issues take work and time to get resolved), and I enjoy dealing with the staff when I call down there."
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Diane, Senior Accountant

"Thank you so much for the information you sent over! That showed me exactly what my issue was and I was able to go in and fix the one entry that I needed to move. Have a great weekend and a wonderful holiday! Again, thank you so much for your help. It is so appreciated!"

Theresa of Valley Camper RV

"I have learned so much from your accounting people, and everyone I've spoken to is so patient and knowledgeable. You all really stay with me through a problem until it is fixed. Our relationship with Systems 2000 is a cooperation of talent which enables us to enjoy the customers' smiles as they drive off the lot to begin their next adventure."
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Joe Zurlo of Stoltzfus RV & Marine

"I couldn't be happier with the work that Systems 2000 does for me, the unit inventory module, the website, and Joe Burton. This is the easiest and best unit inventory and website system that I have used. I really like the new RV123 website as well. Put me down as happy, a big three thumbs up!"

John E. Momot of Momot Trailer Sales, Inc.

"I would like to compliment everyone involved with the creation of the 'unit inventory' webinar. I just finished the Webinar, well done! It's excellent, and extremely informative. My staff, dealers online, and dealers going online will get weeks of experience from these types of tools. It is one of the best training tools you have provided to date. We realize that this project is a work in progress and look forward to getting through the set up and training so that we can take full advantage of the systems capabilities so that we can do more business with less effort and better control."

"I would like to thank everyone that has been involved with helping us get started."

Denise & Rhonda of Rollin On RVs

"We just wanted to express how much we APPRECIATE your help on the window stickers for galaxy software."
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Norm of Clems Trailer Sales

"We have been using the Payroll module for over 5 years, and it is so relaxing and easy to use. What used to take hours can now be done in 15 to 20 minutes."
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Ron Craig, Service & Parts Director of Alpin Haus

"It's been 8 weeks now since we started having our Technicians and Detailers clocking in and out on computers at our main RV location. Immediately, it was very noticeable to us that the accountability of time has risen to new heights. The old way of technicians and detailers using time clocks to clock in on a time ticket has flaws in the accountability and accuracy of time; that became very apparent since switching to a better way.

In the service end of the business as you know, the selling time is what we do. The old way using time clocks to clock in on a time ticket and then handwriting work orders numbers and job numbers on those time tickets caused inaccuracies along with accountability gaps. With our production staff "technicians/detailers" clocking in and out of Systems 2000, you now must have a work order first, in order to clock in. Posting the Mechanic Flagging report daily on our Productivity bulletin board has created a renewed interest on viewing this report showing their productivity as compared to billable hours, which is just awesome! We have had technicians at our last two weekly department meetings asking that we schedule more work for them. You may want to remind your current customers who may not be utilizing their production people to clock in on Systems 2000 to revisit its many benefits.

Originally I thought eliminating time tickets would just increase our Service Advisors' and Team Managers' time, allowing them to sell more labor, parts and schedule more jobs instead of the non-productive data entry of the time tickets and job descriptions onto the work orders that the production staff have already hand written on the work orders and time tickets. The added productivity for production staff and Service Management staff was a very pleasant surprise! Your Team does an awesome job and we appreciate all the support they give us."
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David & Rhonda of Larry's Service Center

"Our experience with Systems 2000 is unprecedented. The tech support is phenomenal, and 'the software delivers.' We have total control of our dealership and we are seeing profits at every turn."

Ron Craig, Service & Parts Director of Alpin Haus

"The ability to measure work orders from the time the vehicle arrives for their appointment is crucial, as opposed to using the date the quote or estimate was first created. This will allow our managers to quickly check all open work orders by the date we actually started the job. This is fantastic news. This will enhance the effectiveness of the Management Dashboard tenfold. Thank you so much!"
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Tracey, General Manager of Al's Trailers

We here at Al's Trailers and I-5 R.V. just want to say Thank You to the entire System 2 K Team!!

This last year, everybody on your staff has effected (positively) our business's growth. So.....


Rich Pocsi, Sr., of RNR Truck Repair

We find at RNR Truck Repair when we have an issue and call the Sys2K Support Team that they call back quickly and always are helpful; no question goes unanswered . Even if it takes time to get an answer, by the end of the day everything is complete and ready to go and the client is always kept in the loop. As a business in New Jersey we have update payrolls in January and July of every year this year July 1st fell on Thursday our pay day the Team worked to get the payroll up and running before the end of the day and did it!

I would and do recommend SYS2K to any business owner. Thank You As Always!

Rebecca Asplund, of Blue Dog RV

The support that your company and staff have provided are priceless and we really truly appreciate it. I believe that what a company does during times of adversity most closely reflect their true character. So… again, thank you!

Xan Peterson, Finance Manager of Campers Inn of Merrimack

I wanted to let everyone know about an employee of yours that went way above and beyond what any normal person would do to help me get my printers up and running while I was at the Boston RV Show. My name is Xan Peterson, I'm a Finance Manager with Campers Inn of Merrimack. I came to the Boston RV Show this Saturday with my laptop and a new Okidata. I called our IT guy and informed him my Okidata wouldn't hook up to my laptop, and I couldn't print anything. My job is to contract people, that's how I make money. John told me to call Systems. I called Systems and they said if I couldn't hook the Okidata to my laptop, they couldn't help me. I called our IT company back again, he told me he'd call me back... Two hours later, I got a call. Not from our IT guy, but Everett from Systems. He spent nearly two and a half hours with me on the phone walking me through different steps to get my Okidata hooked up and running... Something our IT company wouldn't spend 5 minutes doing. He was literally walking through the grocery store while walking me through different steps getting my Okidata aligned, hooked up, and running. After the two and a half hours, my Okidata was running perfectly. Then I realized my laser wasn't hooked up either, I told Everett he had done enough, and that I would figure the laser out myself. We hung up. Everett called mne back AFTER he was done grocery shopping and spent nearly another hour making sure my laser printer was hooked up... I couldn't believe how much time Everett spent with me on the phone, and IT WASN'T EVEN HIS JOB TO HELP ME... It was our IT guys job... I thanked Everett over and over for the three and a half hours he spent with me, when nobody else would... I just wanted to make sure he was recognized for his efforts... He is a true asset to the company, I don't know anyone else that would've took the time he did to help me. Thanks again Everett!

Ron Craig, Service & Parts Director of Alpin Haus

"Wow, I'm still impressed. I send in an e-mail to Sys2K support with a problem and they reply in 5 minutes at 6:40 pm. You can't ask for any better service that that!"

Ron Craig, Service & Parts Director of Alpin Haus

"We have been using Systems 2000 Dealership Software for about a year now after changing from our previous software, and I manage our fixed operations at our headquarters. After being on Systems 2000 for about fourteen months, I find their system to be top notch and their people are just awesome. They respond in minutes, not hours or days!"

Nate of Discovery Power Boats

"This is an excellent system...and the tech support is great."

Roberto Soto, IT Manager of Suzuki Del Caribe, Inc.

"We appreciate your hard work, long hours, effort, and patience during our Systems 2000 Dealership Software launch event. Barry Sayers and the rest of the team would like for you to accept our most sincere thank you."

Karan Bishop of Johnny Bishop RV

"You don't know me, but I am one of your happy clients with Systems 2000. Our dealership signed up with Systems 2000 late in '03 after I spoke with several different software companies. After a lot of looking and talking, we choose your company. I am sorry I can't remember the salesman's name that handled our account, but he was very good and patient when dealing with me. I had a lot of questions and I'm no computer whiz!

The support I have received from the beginning has been incredible. From what equipment to buy to my millions of dumb questions, the support has been great. The last several months we have been dealing with a weird problem. It seems it was a problem in my Office Access program, but it was a very sneaky problem that was always throwing out different errors and was very hard to get a grip on. The support team at Systems 2000 has been wonderful. They would not give up on finding the cause and repairing it. I would like to single out Bryant for all his great work and his great attitude. I can't thank him enough! I don't mean to slight the others who worked on my problems; it's just I talked to him the most. Also at Louisville at the RV show, I spoke with a great guy in your marketing department. He told me he had worked in support before and he had some thoughts on my problem also. He could have just blown me off - after all I wasn't buying - but he also contacted support to make sure I was taken care of.

In the end I did buy a new CPU with Windows 7 and everybody in support has many thanks from me for making it so easy to get everything changed over to new computer. I had always dreaded this because I thought it would just be awful, but thanks to your support people it was simple. Before I forget, also the lady who answers the phone when I call (sometimes I call a lot!), I don't know her name, but she does a great job too. She always has a good attitude and is very helpful."

Theresa of Rays Marina

"Tech support is great!"

Jenny Lance of Lance's Trailer Sales

"Everett has been a great help throughout the setup process. He has been both patient and knowledgable."

Brenda Daniels of RV America

"Our days are better with the help of Michael George. Even though he was sick, he called me from home and offered his help. Both of us have had our health problems and not always able to connect but he had called yesterday when I was out of the office so I returned his call today. He has been so helpful and it didn't take as long as I thought it would. We have decided to close each month rather than leave it open and hopefully once we close the year we won't have the problems we first encountered. I also think with him talking to Donny it has helped too. Again, I can't say enough about Mike and the way he has handled our account."

Paul Nash of Vacationland RV

"Our company has been using System 2000 for over a year now. Works great and customer service is always there to answer any and all questions. Thank you."

Christina Chaskey of Brewbaker's Housing & RV

"Great Program! At our dealership we have the Infinity program. Each department and employee can set their screen up however is easiest for them to use and to whatever parts of the program that they need to use. The F1 key is a great tool to get a snapshot of the screen and send to technical support. The support staff is very friendly and takes the time to help with whatever problem you may be having. Love the Infinity program!"

Holly Mason of Rocky Mountain RV

"Love the email feature to get things fixed. The email feature is my favorite. It makes it easy to get things done quicker, especially if you need to do anything with attachments."
Training Back To Top

Toby Columbus, OH

"Chris Hofreiter is the best trainer."

Jenny Lance of Lance's Trailer Sales

Thank you, thank you, Thank you! We LOVE Lavoris! He was awesome! We have simplified processes, cleaned up a lot of things, and have learned a ton. He is a great individual and we really enjoyed him for 3 days. I wish he could stay!

Ron Craig, Director of Fixed Operations of Alpin Haus

Thank you, the Executive Series Seminars were very good. These webinars are an awesome way to learn and stay current thank you so much!!!

Buddy Irby of Town and Country Select

"It is not often as a business owner or manager that you receive complements on the efforts of one of your employees to serve a customer with outstanding service.

Yesterday Chris Dominis worked with the employees of Town and Country Select in his capacity as a trainer. He did an outstanding job. Every employee that he worked with was highly complementary of his ability, and the help and training that he gave them.

As an outside consultant with 38 years in automotive retail as a Dealer and Operator, I have seen very few people (ADP and R&R) put forth the attitude and effort to help those employees through a software change."

Vicki Belski of Funtime RV Inc

"I would like to thank you for having an employee like Chris; he has been so helpful to me. Always wonderful to work with very patient and can teach you how this system works with such ease. I have been calling and asking for Chris for the last year exclusively and he has not failed me yet.

I just wanted to express my thanks and give Chris a well deserved pat on the back. He does a great job."

Joseph Craig of Green Alternative Systems

"I am writing you this afternoon just to let you know of my satisfaction with the training that your technicians were able to provide to us in Jacksonville. I am fairly acquainted with most types of computer programs that are used for business applications related to sales and related fields. My boss did not have me scheduled to attend the training until 3 days prior to my arrival in Florida.

I had watched some of the training videos online and thought that it would be simple enough to just teach myself. That though was a mistake on my part, as though the system is very useful, it was overwhelming compared to the tracking system that we had been using. Thankfully I was sent down here because I was in over my head. Rick and Andres were great trainers. I am not involved in the financial portion of our work, but focus on the sales and inventory side. Andres was able to catch me up to speed with the different modules with individual guidance after the office had shut down and we were able to go through it one-on-one. I had shown up 2 days later than my coworkers and needed personal attention to catch up. Now, as it turns out, I feel good enough about the system to go back and show our Service Manager how to navigate the inventory module, seeing as he was too busy to be able to leave our shop for a full week. He might still need to call a couple of times, but that is better than just keeping your techs on speed dial for the next month.

Sorry if this email is out of place, but after receiving your card for future sales related questions, I thought it necessary to let you know of the high quality of your field reps. I am glad that our company has chosen to go with Systems 2000, and think we will continue to be happy for quite some time."

Melisa Guice of Clay's RV

"I just wanted to let everyone know how helpful Andres was to me today. I was soooo lost in a situation and he helped me through it! I figured whomever I spoke to would have gotten aggravated with me, but he was very patient and understanding. I was getting frustrated, but he assured me everything was fine and for me to just let him help me. He walked me through the situation and showed me where my problem was. I feel so much more confident now."
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Kim DeHaan of DeHaan RV Center

"Thank you for putting 700 Credit in touch with us. We had been pulling credit bureaus for many years and never knew that there was another source available to us.

When you contacted me and mentioned that Systems 2000 offered a credit bureau interface and asked if Steve from 700 Credit could call me, I reluctantly answered, yes. After talking to Steven and getting more information about 700 Credit, I asked him to send me more information.

We compared the pricing information from our current vendor to 700 Credits rates and could not believe the dollars we could save. Not only would we be saving on each credit bureau that we pull, but 700 Credit included Red Flag Identity Theft and other services that my vendor did not.

We completed the Credit Application, emailed it back and within a few days we were setup and ready to go. The whole process was very easy and the interface with your software was seamless! Thank you for offering the enhancement to us; we are always looking for cost saving and improved efficiencies."
Quality Software Back To Top

Alan Sanders, General Manager of Brazel's RV Performance Center

"We had used a few other business management software products that were focused on the RV service industry. We were never happy with them, due to lack of flexibility, poor function, and reliability. This Sys2K software has allowed us to achieve goals we had set for our company, goals that we had never been able to reach before. The best part is the support team and the attention to detail you receive when you need help. There are several options to get help, and they are very knowledgeable about the product they service. Two thumbs up!"

Nancy Fife, General Manager of Nature Coast RV, Inc.

"We changed over from another software system and this is heads and shoulders better than the last. Great tool to track margins and see where your dept. needs improvement."

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