Specialized Services

Specialized Services Sys2K provides assistance and training to dealerships in specialized areas of the dealership management business. The specialized levels of training range from unique start-up concerns to customization issues necessary with accounting and financial analysis. The services we offer are listed below.

Start-Up Services
Sys2K provides start-up assistance for dealers needing help with implementation of any necessary dealership information: creation and modification of accounting and Payrolls, input of vehicle inventory, customer data import, and input of supplier information.

Accounting Services
Training is available for employees needing familiarity with dealership accounting procedures in order to ensure smooth data flow throughout the system. Streamlining the financial and Accounting will save time and reduce the costs associated with data input and accuracy.

Dealership Principle Services
Sys2K offers advanced training options geared specifically toward review and management of dealership operations.

Sys2K's Dealer Management System incorporates financial analysis of 20 group reports. The benefits of group financial comparisons are to provide dealerships with the knowledge and skills necessary to remain competitive in each respective industry.

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