Affiliate Marketing Do’s & Dont’s

One of the biggest attributes that the online community offers is the ability to benefit from something called reciprocity, or the ability to mutually benefit from a corresponding or complementary act. In the world of social media you see this often when entities post content for ‘retweets’ or ‘reposts’, and in turn, the post is shared to their audiences followers and so on and so forth, growing the number of views that the post generates with each share.

Effective marketing consists of a few methods that assist with being able to reciprocate from mutually beneficial partnerships. In this article, the method that will be discussed is one called Affiliate Marketing, a method where you can commission other businesses to be able to market their services or products through your business or you can be commissioned through someone else’s business. It is a great way to make money from your marketing efforts and to expand your audience and brand.

It’s as simple as that, however, like with most methods, there are precautions that should be advised before you seek or accept partnerships in marketing. This article outlines the Do’s and Dont’s to note as you begin thinking about or deciding how to be successful in affiliate marketing.



Research Affiliate Marketing Programs That Companies in Your Industry Are Using: You do not have to select an affiliate program with a large network to be successful. In fact, a number of programs that market to niche companies do well. Keep in mind that these marketing efforts are just like recommendations, so make sure the product or service you plan to promote is a good fit.

Consider Your Customers Needs: Like any other business decision, your customers and the present audience should be the focus of your business decisions.  If you opt to market on a page where the regular audience has a significantly lower viewer count than what you are already experiencing, evaluate whether it is really worth it. Even with your own slots where you allow others to market, consider if your customers will see your pages clouded with “junk” or if they will find the information useful and beneficial.

Set Guidelines and Restrictions on Marketing Channels You Plan to Share with Affiliates: Some channels should just be for your, point, blank, period. If your customers log onto their social media pages and see what is considered by most consumers ‘ads’ from other businesses then go to your website and its crowded with similar information your credibility is often questioned. Today’s consumers are well aware that you can make money with affiliate marketing and will appreciate not being bombarded with recommendations and endorsements and being able to actually see what your company, specifically, is about. Choose a small section of your website, or a designated area near the bottom of your emails, or even one post a week on social media to minimize congesting your audiences avenues to you.


Overextend Yourself by Trying to Manage a Large Affiliate Network: More partners, more problems. Especially, if you are new to affiliate marketing. Just like your webpage, emails, and social media pages need managing so do your affiliate pages. Many programs make it easy to stay on top of your affiliate efforts, but be sure not to overdo it because once again, your audience is watching and notices everything.

Operate Without a Strategy: With any marketing effort, there should be a goal in mind. Whether you want to make some passive cash by allowing others to market on your sites, or you want to expand your brand and gain potential customers, there should be a goal in mind and a strategic way to get you there. For example, if you are interested in growing in your products department, look for networks that include companies with the products you would like to endorse. Be cautious of looking to become affiliates with multiple companies when trying to grow your audience, as you can quickly become the company that has advertisements all over the internet.

Neglect Efficient Metric Tracking: Paying attention to metrics is one of the most important steps when actually utilizing affiliate marketing since you want to be able to track how you got to certain outcomes.  Are you basing your marketing campaign results off of clicks, impressions, or an action such as opening an email or filling out a form? These numbers tell you where your efforts need to go and what works. While still in the research phase look for a program that best suits the needs of your business and see if they have tools to help you track the metrics for the most effective marketing.


Are you currently using an affiliate marketing program that you have found useful? Have any recommendations, comments, or questions? Be sure to comment below.


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