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  • Featured App: Moxtra

    Featured App: Moxtra

    With the ability to integrate real-time interactive conversation capabilities into your workflow, Moxtra is an innovative collaborative platform. The developers of Moxtra classify the app as a “power messenger”, eliminating the repetition that normally accompanies collaborative projects. The app’s interface allows text, audio, and even mini-video presentations to be embedded via the cloud, making them

  • Featured App: TED

    Featured App: TED

    TED, the esteemed nonprofit organization and popular video-driven website, has brought its wildly popular TED Talks to mobile devices. With the official TED app, you can browse and watch more than 1,000 of their signature 18-minute inspirational speeches, recorded on site at the organization’s TED Conferences, all while on the go. “Ideas Worth Spreading” is

  • Featured App: Roambi Analytics

    Featured App: Roambi Analytics

    This app solves a problem many smartphone users having encountered:  the difficulty of navigating spreadsheets.  Roambi lets you take hard-to-read data and turn it into meaningful charts and graphs, all from your phone. From the developers: - Designed from the ground up for mobile users, Roambi is the leading app for creating and delivering rich, interactive

  • Featured App: Yammer

    Featured App: Yammer

    Email chains can be annoying and inconvenient, luckily the creators of Yammer have found a way to revolutionize office communication.  Yammer is an email chain on steroids.  By combining elements of group-chats and social networking, this app creates a place where coworkers can message each other, share files and photos and track projects.  Here are some

  • Meet SpotMini!

    Meet SpotMini!

    SpotMini, the latest creation from Aphabet-owned Boston Dynamics, is a four-legged robot dog (giraffe?) and a smaller “domestic” version of the “Spot” robot they made for the military.  This futuristic robot weighs just 55 pounds (65 if you add the arm), about the same as a golden retriever.   SpotMini can accomplish a number of

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