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  • Cybersecurity Basics

    Cybersecurity Basics

      The internet has made it possible to reach a larger audience, have complex and intricate systems at your fingertips, and spread marketable content around the globe in seconds. However, with all of the access does come the price of potential intruders or viruses that can harm your entire database. Not to mention some common

  • Thinking Of Adding Support Features To Your Site?

    Thinking Of Adding Support Features To Your Site?

    Websites with customer service tools such as live chats or natural language processing dominate today’s information highway as service providers who have claims of being client-centered aim to narrow if not eliminate avoidable client issues. With social media being a useful instrument for marketing, it can also be a powerful tool for consumers to express not so

  • Featured App: Moxtra

    Featured App: Moxtra

    With the ability to integrate real-time interactive conversation capabilities into your workflow, Moxtra is an innovative collaborative platform. The developers of Moxtra classify the app as a “power messenger”, eliminating the repetition that normally accompanies collaborative projects. The app’s interface allows text, audio, and even mini-video presentations to be embedded via the cloud, making them

  • Featured App: TED

    Featured App: TED

    TED, the esteemed nonprofit organization and popular video-driven website, has brought its wildly popular TED Talks to mobile devices. With the official TED app, you can browse and watch more than 1,000 of their signature 18-minute inspirational speeches, recorded on site at the organization’s TED Conferences, all while on the go. “Ideas Worth Spreading” is

  • Featured App: Roambi Analytics

    Featured App: Roambi Analytics

    This app solves a problem many smartphone users having encountered:  the difficulty of navigating spreadsheets.  Roambi lets you take hard-to-read data and turn it into meaningful charts and graphs, all from your phone. From the developers: – Designed from the ground up for mobile users, Roambi is the leading app for creating and delivering rich, interactive