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  • 3 Steps to Better Reputation Management

    3 Steps to Better Reputation Management

      It’s widely known that a company’s  sales and growth is becoming increasingly more dependent on that company’s reputation. Customers find their products and knowledge on companies via social networks, blogs, review and rating sites, and other online communities.  Nothing hurts a company’s brand like outdated, confusing, or inaccurate information online.  Ensuring your company’s branding

  • 3 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

    3 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

    In the Internet Age, there are few things more important for small businesses than having a strong social media presence.  With this medium even the smallest of companies can reach millions, creating countless opportunities to win over fans and sell people on their mission.  Here are a few tips to ensuring that your company is

  • Featured App: Hootsuite

    Featured App: Hootsuite

    Whether you’re a celebrity, a business, or just an avid social media user, Hootsuite is the best app for making sure you are taking complete advantage of the opportunies that social media offers.  Hootsuite is the most popular and highest rated social media management app, boasting over 9 million users.  The best part?  Its totally free

  • Why the New Era of Auto Industry Collaboration Creates Risks

    Why the New Era of Auto Industry Collaboration Creates Risks

    There has been a great deal of high-profile collaborations announced recently between traditional automakers, large suppliers and Silicon Valley companies. This new wave of business activity portends a swiftly changing landscape in the automotive business’s not-too-distant future. From the beginning of the automotive industry until well into the 1970s, domestic and European automakers were highly

  • Marketing to Millennials

    Millennials could determine the longevity of your business.  As a home or commercial service business owner or manager, you have to always be looking forward as well as managing day-to-day business needs. If you want to ensure your business’s future success, the information below could prove to be very necessary and informative.  Millennials (those born

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