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  • Voice Search and SEO

    Voice Search and SEO

    Type to text technology is becoming more and more popular. Think Siri, Cortana, Google Now, and Alexa. With its uptick in popularity comes an increase in mobile searches conducted through type to text. The way people use voice search technology in contrast to traditional web search should be of interest to any SEO conscious business.

  • 5 Psychological Marketing Tips

    5 Psychological Marketing Tips

    Communicating to consumers is sometimes a tricky and difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be! Understanding the consumer mentality when they say yes to a sale is paramount for determining the right marketing strategy, and a lot of it comes down to basic psychology.   1. It’s not just what you say, but also

  • 3 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    3 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Marketing your company properly can be tricky business, especially if you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner with limited experience or knowledge of how the industry works.  Here are some common mistakes made by inexperienced marketers, and what you can do to avoid them: 1. Marketing Without a Unique Selling Proposition Your company’s

  • Featured App: Foursquare

    Featured App: Foursquare

    Finding new places to eat or shop can be a hassle .  All too often you wish someone had been there to tell you that “Joe’s Seafood” makes terrible fish tacos before you tried them for yourself.  Foursquare is an app that endeavors to fix that.   Just tell the app what you are looking for and it

  • 3 Steps to Better Reputation Management

    3 Steps to Better Reputation Management

      It’s widely known that a company’s  sales and growth is becoming increasingly more dependent on that company’s reputation. Customers find their products and knowledge on companies via social networks, blogs, review and rating sites, and other online communities.  Nothing hurts a company’s brand like outdated, confusing, or inaccurate information online.  Ensuring your company’s branding

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