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  • How To Get Used Buyers To Come Back For Servicing

    How To Get Used Buyers To Come Back For Servicing

    For a number of dealers, marketing efforts do not exceed a few scheduled posts, emails, and ads to online forums such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Even if you are operating from a larger dealership, the popular misconception is that marketing is time-consuming and besides keeping up with inventory and reaching potential customers, efforts to

  • Affiliate Marketing Do’s & Dont’s

    Affiliate Marketing Do’s & Dont’s

    One of the biggest attributes that the online community offers is the ability to benefit from something called reciprocity, or the ability to mutually benefit from a corresponding or complementary act. In the world of social media you see this often when entities post content for ‘retweets’ or ‘reposts’, and in turn, the post is

  • Ways To Get More Leads

    Ways To Get More Leads

    Information Gathering has been the basis of great sales since it first began. Most sales professionals know that in order to be a great salesman you must be knowledgeable and observant. There are several ways for you to accomplish both with little effort thanks to the continuously growing internet. With numerous apps and online companies

  • Video Marketing Age

    Video Marketing Age

    Video marketing is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic in the next year. If you have not already started to incorporate video into your marketing efforts, now is the time. No longer are we in the days where consumers will spend time flipping through phone books or classified ads, statistics actually