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  • Vocab For The First Time Buyer

    Vocab For The First Time Buyer

    Although the title of this posts address vocabulary for the first time buyer, it is wise to assume even second or repeat buyers may not be knowledgeable of the basic terms used when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Ensure that you are thorough and clear when going over agreements with first time buyers are sometimes

  • Useful Apps For Auto Sales In 2018

    Useful Apps For Auto Sales In 2018

    The ideal salesperson is not just committed to making a profit after a sale, but devoted to customer satisfaction, further knowledge of their particular industry, and ways to improve and sharpen their skills daily. In automotive sales the nature is very fast paced, and grasping your client’s attention is of the utmost importance as they

  • Team Building For Sales Managers

    Team Building For Sales Managers

    Any effective team should go through an evaluation process to determine where strengths and weaknesses may be, and how to effectively grow or develop that team. The sales industry suffers from a revolving door syndrome most times, but the best companies figure out areas of improvement early on and implement the following topics in their

  • Ways To Get More Leads

    Ways To Get More Leads

    Information Gathering has been the basis of great sales since it first began. Most sales professionals know that in order to be a great salesman you must be knowledgeable and observant. There are several ways for you to accomplish both with little effort thanks to the continuously growing internet. With numerous apps and online companies