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  • Auto-Loan Incentives: Driving Customers to Your Business

    Auto-Loan Incentives: Driving Customers to Your Business

    Looking to drive customers to your dealership? Auto sales are expected to increase yet again this year, but why should customers choose your dealership? Research shows customers are most often driven to whatever dealership will give them the best terms on their auto loan. To combat this competition from an endless selection of competitors, dealerships

  • Fundamentals of Sales Success

    Fundamentals of Sales Success

    When it comes to sales, some believe practice makes perfect, while others believe a natural charisma is what is necessary. In reality, there are three fundamentals that predict sales success: 1. Market Knowledge 2. Market Perception 3. Selling method and mindset These personality traits truly make up 1/3 of what it takes to be a

  • Learning from Sales Mistakes

    Studies have shown that the most effective way employees learn to excel at their craft is through a surprising avenue; failure. Research has proven that making mistakes and then learning from them is the shortcut to success for many. The firsthand experience of making an error and working through the process leading up to that

  • 3 Tips for Becoming a Better Salesperson

    3 Tips for Becoming a Better Salesperson

    Being a good salesperson is all about finding the most effective ways to bring in new clients. Here are 3 tips that will help you make a better impression on potential customers: 1. Over-Prepare! The customer should never hear your entire sales presentation. Fancy sales materials or slick PowerPoints can be great additions to your arsenal, but

  • Own the Phone in Four Easy Steps

    Own the Phone in Four Easy Steps

    Dealers are in consensus, the phone is important. But they are living with that uneasy feeling that comes with also knowing that they are mediocre, at best, when it comes to handling the phones. They have tried hundreds of different tricks and threats to solve the ever-present issue that they are reminded of every time

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