carl-sconnelyCarl Sconnely Carl Sconnely, is President of Sys2k, President of RV123 Inc., Owner of US Jet Sales, and Vice President of Colombia Child Care Charity Organization. He is a dealership technology writer/contributor on and has been advancing dealership technology for over 30 years. Carl currently resides in Altamonte Springs, FL… Read More






Traeanne21-167x175Traeanne Reynolds Traeanne Reynolds is the Editor in Chief of Sys2K Insights and as well as the Sales, Marketing & Implementation Director of Sys2k. Traeanne grew up in California, graduated from Brigham Young University and has been involved with the RV Industry since 2004 after moving to Florida.  Prior to joining Sys2K, Traeanne worked as a Parts and Service Director at a dealership in Florida and a General Manager at a dealership outside of Savannah, Georgia…Read More






cd Chris Dominis  Chris is the Senior International Corporate Trainer at Sys2K. Chris graduated from the University of Central Florida and has been working with Sys2K for 10 years using his training expertise to teach dealers from all over the world…Read More









Coach-Net Since 1987, the Coach-Net brand has built a reputation throughout the RV industry as a leading provider of 24/7 RV technical and emergency roadside assistance, along with… Read More








Chip Zyvoloski is a senior attorney for Indirect Lending with Wolters Kluwer Financial Services. For more information visit Chip Zyvoloski offers more than 20 years of experience in the area of consumer compliance…Read More








John1-300x199 John Warner, 700Credit John Warner is the Account Director – Business Development for 700Credit.  John has been in the auto business for more than thirty years as an OEM executive, a General Manager of dealerships, and a consultant to dealerships…Read More 








Val Byrd, Stag-Parkway Val Byrd is the Merchandising Manager for Stag-Parkway, Inc.  She has many years of marketing experience in the grocery industry and RV aftermarket. Through its commitment to exceed its customer’s expectations, Stag-Parkway has become the leader in aftermarket RV parts and accessories distribution in North America. Operating 12 warehouses in the United States and one warehouse in Ontario, Canada… Read More








Hardee McAlhaney, McAlhaney Consulting, LLC Hardee McAlhaney 1 of McAlhaney Consulting LLC, is one of the industry’s most respected consultants on financial and HR management strategies for RV dealerships. After serving as CFO and president for the first publicly traded RV dealership group…Read More








Michael Afonso is the in-house Search Engine Optimization Specialist / Graphic Designer at SYS2K. Michael received his Bachelor’s Degree at the Indian River State College. Currently residing in Central Florida, Michael uses his knowledge of design, social media, and search engine optimization to help brands connect with potential customers. During his free time Michael spends most of his time working out and improving on his profession.
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Terry Sanks Terry is the in-house Search Engine Optimization Specialist at Sys2K. Terry is also a writer/contributor on Terry received his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida. Currently residing in Central Florida, Terry uses his search engine and social media knowledge to help brands connect with potential customers. Read More





2bd12a3-1-300x300Diane Merritts Gatto Diane Merritts Gatto has more than 20 years experience in Marketing Communications, with 10 years in the software industry, and 7 years in dealership software specifically.  She currently works in marketing for Sys2K.  Mrs. Gatto graduated with a B.A. in Journalism and Public Relations from Old Dominion University… Read More 






Dan LopezDan Lopez, President of RV Solutions – RV Solutions Group, LLC. is an organization focused on improving the experience and offerings provided to both the RV camper and the every weekend camper.  Outdoors people… Read More






logo2Novera Novera Payment Solutions is well known as a leader in the credit card payments industry and is committed to helping auto dealerships and other businesses improve their bottom line by providing significant savings on credit card processing fees through our innovative and transparent pricing models… Read More






Meyer-DistributingMeyer Distributing Meyer Distributing is an RV/towing and complete automotive wholesale distributor. With 61 locations nationwide and… Read More