Cultivating Service Technicians



Service technicians have one of the highest turn-over rates in dealerships for 3 reasons: the physical demands of the job, lack of proper training, and of course the pay. There are a number of other reasons that we can include, however these are the popular and variable reasons dealership management should have some insight on.


 Honesty, still is the best policy…especially when it comes to the hiring process of service techs and auto mechanics in dealerships. One of the main problems related to high turnovers, with not just the automotive industry, is lack of transparency when it comes to what the job really entails. Being honest about your expectations, the role, and pay structure is more than just handing over paperwork. Its a detailed and specific conversation about the day to day functions, what goals need to be met and in which time frames, as well as a thorough explanation of how compensation is given for that particular   role. Questions pertaining to previous pay structures and expectations should be discussed before hiring as well.

Training should continue on the job…and not just stop once your technician has completed whatever certifications your dealership accepts. Just as much as each certification program   has slightly varying styles and teaching methods, so should your training and development program for new technicians. If your dealership does not offer training for new techs,   implementing a simple 2-4 week program (like most companies do with sales) could significantly improve your employee retention. Service Technicians need to know the specific way things are done at your dealership so there is consistency among customer relations and other service related positions.  It is also a way to ensure you do not have employees cutting corners or operating with a “know it all” attitude around the shop.

Support goes a long way…specifically for undeserved positions such as Service Technicians and Mechanics. Often times when there are positions that require more skill or training we assume that they have all of the information and help they need. Unfortunately for a vast majority that is not the case as many technicians who have left the field identify a lack of  support at their dealership as one of the reasons they made career shifts. Service Managers play an integral role with mitigating issues or concerns that Service Techs on the job face and should be capable of offering specific insight to store managers on how to retain service employees.

Do an honest evaluation of your dealership to assess the needs of your service department and how you can better meet them. If you find you are dealing with alarming numbers pertaining to turn-over, don’t rush to hire new techs to cover for lacks in your service department without looking into how you can hire better candidates and cultivate them to be strong employees. If you are oh so lucky not to have to worry about issues with turn-overs or a struggling service department, comment with success tips below!

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