Cybersecurity Basics



The internet has made it possible to reach a larger audience, have complex and intricate systems at your fingertips, and spread marketable content around the globe in seconds. However, with all of the access does come the price of potential intruders or viruses that can harm your entire database. Not to mention some common absent-minded practices that can cause misuse and early wear on programs that you utilize daily to accomplish your business’ goals. Whether your main method of communication is via email or you are interested in adding new technology features for your IT or Sales team, Cybersecurity is a topic that involves any enterprise using a computer or the internet to do business today.

Cybersecurity involves the protection of computers, their programs and software, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. If you store or share personal information, financial information, or sensitive customer data in any of your systems having at least one qualified individual to manage the cyber security of your organization is highly suggested.

Of course, there are programs that also take on the job of monitoring and protecting against threats, such as McAfee or Symantec, however, understanding the risks that are involved with cybersecurity can minimize and possibly eliminate costly programs, and the ultimate cost no business wants to face, notifying clients of a security breach.

If your company has not already implemented a Cybersecurity policy the Small Business Administration has free training courses that emphasize the importance of maneuvering online safely and securely, including internet, email, desktop best practices, and backup procedures and offers resources for example security policies and guidelines.

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