Daily Tasks Of Successful Dealership Managers

Regardless of size, developing business practices to strengthen your company begins and often times ends with leadership. A number of dealership managers get caught up in sales and service management and neglect developing key attributes needed to run a highly profitable and reputable business. Aside from having a background in your industry most of the essentials needed to grow and develop your business lies in your ability to create an atmosphere where organization, accountability, and efficiency drive excellence.

Maintain Seamless Understanding of Reports and Financials

An effective manager or owner always asks questions, and understanding how to translate the data representing important information for your entity is where most begin. The information that you track is comprised of operational data that can mean growth, decrease, or stagnancy for your dealership. A good leader will stay current on the present operations of their company and ask for further insight in areas that they are uninformed or oblivious of. Competency of all reports, especially financial, operational, and CRM is vital for communicating with managers and employees regarding issues that may have slipped through the cracks.

Manage Expectations of All Departments 

Maintaining consistent and communicable expectations is monumental when it comes to an organizations ability to grow and thrive. Core values and ethics should be disclosed at all levels of employment and methods of accountability outlined and utilized. Anyone in management plays a critical role in the success and development of staff because where they fail the company fails.

Check Your Reputation

Always keep your ear to the ground when it comes to your brand’s reputation, this includes your presence in the community you serve locally as well as online. Executives should be on top of reviews, customer feedback, and any publication that mentions your company. I would suggest doing this on your own instead of having someone else do this report as responses from company management usually yield a positive response, however the main thing to keep in mind is in the case that a review returns negative someone with knowledge, access, and power should investigate the issue and respond within a timely manner in order to mitigate and alleviate.

Be Observant

Above all else, know what is going on in your dealership from the vehicle lot, to the service entrance. Do an inspection of your building from a customers point of view, how does it appear to someone who is stepping foot there for the first time. Are the individuals designated to greet customers when they arrive always on duty? Do your technicians get behind during the middle of the day for some reason? Can your F&I product and sales structure use remodeling? Talk to as many employees as you can and watch the daily operations to answer some of the puzzling questions that reports might not be able to tell you, it could make a defining difference in the success of your business.

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