Dealership Facebook Marketing

Facebook is still the most popular social media outlet in the world. Many dealerships areFacebook-550x350 already using the site to promote their brand and generate sales but without some knowledge on how to do it, this can be very difficult but here are some tips for marketing your dealership on Facebook.

Provide Interesting Updates – Using your “wall” on Facebook is a great way for your dealership to share news, updates, and photos with your customers. Your dealership can post information about your latest specials, sales, and events to your wall to so that your customers stay informed and updated on happenings at your dealership. In addition to this you can also provide links to other news sites and articles that may interest them. Posting intriguing content will make sure that customers come back to visit your page regularly. Information about technology, safety tips, and other travel or driving tips are generally very popular. 

Give customers a look behind the scenes at your dealership – Customers will get bored with your dealership’s Facebook account pretty quickly if you are simply posting stock pictures of vehicles in your industry with ads. Adding a human touch to your social media accounts can be a great way to better connect with customers. You can provide brief looks behind the scenes at your dealership by providing things such as pictures of your dealership’s Christmas parties or community events. If your dealership actively contributes to charity, this is a great thing to share with your social media outlets as customers have a soft spot for socially conscious companies. 

Keeping your page updated regularly – Keeping your page updated regularly can be key to converting more sales for your dealership. You can diversify the type of posts that you leave on your page by mixing it up. You can provide photos of satisfied vehicle buyers, showcase your inventory, and provide other vehicle insight. This shows that your dealership is quite active and provides highlights that customers can look at as they begin to form their opinion on your dealership. Providing quality, well-thought content regularly will help make even the most skeptical of customers believers in your dealership’s brand. 

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