Engagement During Servicing

If your customers are dropping their vehicle off to be serviced, spending minutes to hours with small updates in between, and then recapping with a technician over maintenance and service needs your service department is not operating any differently than any of your competitors and you run the risk of losing business to outside mechanic shops. Expanding your efforts with measurable additions can go a long way in ensuring business and customer retention when it comes to vehicle servicing.

Be Thorough – A lot of confusion and frustration comes in when there is a miscommunication or none at all in regards to what specific issues are going on or what services need to be done. Even if the process seems intricate or the customer uninterested protect yourself by being thorough and offering scenarios to explain the severity, especially if it is time sensitive. But always remain honest, and if it is truly something that is not an issue or preventative measures, such as a performance enhancer or accessory, your customer will appreciate the openness.

Stay Competitive – With all of the technological advancements around today think of ways in which they can pave the way to creating a competitive customer experience. If you print off service invoices, look into how you can create an easy email option with a breakdown in case the customer forgets. Mobile payments are also a feature that is growing in popularity and one to look into.

Build Trust – In the end, customers want to be able to trust their technicians and mechanics and if things are easy to use and detailed in explanation customers have a greater chance of believing you have their best interest in mind because you offer them the choice to make a truly informed decision.

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