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TED, the esteemed nonprofit organization and popular video-driven website, has brought its wildly popular TED Talks to mobile devices. With the official TED app, you can browse and watch more than 1,000 of their signature 18-minute inspirational speeches, recorded on site at the organization’s TED Conferences, all while on the go.

“Ideas Worth Spreading” is TED’s mission statement. TED produces annual conferences featuring some of the world’s most brilliant speakers. These speakers often cover topics like technology, entertainment, design, science, and social justice. After the conferences, each “TED Talk” is posted on, where viewers can access them for entertainment, education, and inspiration.

Just like their website, the TED app puts “Featured TED Talks” front and center, and lets you swipe through the newest videos or most popular videos. At the top of the app there is a tab that lets the viewer browse through the entire library of TED Talks by themes, tags, languages, or ratings. One of the best features about the TED app is the download feature. This feature lets you store a local copy of a full TED Talk for viewing offline.You can download both audio and video, in either a high or low resolution format.To access your downloaded talks, jut tap the “My Talks” tab at the top of the main Dashboard.

Thanks to the “TED Open Translation Project”, many of the TED Talks are available with subtitles in a number of languages. Enabling these subtitles while you stream a video is quick and easy, you can even download a video with the subtitles embedded.

If you’re a fan of the popular TED Conference or you’re simply interested in watching and listening to some inspiring speakers, then this is definitely worth a download.

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Click here to download TED for iOS

Click here to download TED for Android

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