Increase Dealer Customer Service With Surveys


Market research helps to keep us in the know regarding changes, trends, and insights in our respective industries. Market research can also be conducted on a smaller scale to keep us in touch with consumer attitudes and opinions in your audiences community. One of the best tools today for figuring out how to meet the needs and wants of your customers is through the utilization of surveys, as they allow you to derive informed business decisions and remain ahead of the competition.

Surveys come in various forms that can be determined based off of the type of data you intend to collect. Start with which insights you want to gain from the data before choosing a method, this is also known as your objective. For instance, if you want opinions and have the time and resources to sift through data, open-ended short answer or matrix (rank based surveys) show you how the participant feels and offers them the ability to share their thoughts or concerns pertaining to the topic. If you are trying to find out whether you should continue or stop a promotion, deal, or service scale based (rate likelihood 1-5) or closed-ended and multiple choice give you more direct data.

After you know the type of information you want you can pick the survey provider. Survey Monkey and Doodle are among the most popular and user-friendly for surveys, questionnaires, and polls. Google Forms is also a great method for keeping all of your data in one place, especially if you are already utilizing Google for work emails, sheets (excel), and docs.

With your objective outlined, and survey type picked, its time to move on to the questions. It is important to keep in mind that the survey needs to maintain scope, in other words, each question needs to align with your overall objective. Sensitive information that is not absolutely relevant such as income, sexual preference, or illegal behavior is not necessary as well. If you can use the least amount of questions possible you are on the right track as many participants have short attention spans or don’t want to spend lengthy amounts of time on a survey. Above all else avoid bias or leading questions and stick to what you need to know such as are your customers satisfied or are you reaching enough people.

Tips & Tricks:

-The shorter the better
-Try to use icons and images, rather than graphs, charts, or lengthy data
-Keep your survey pool specific and targeted
-Have fun with the questions, as the more entertained your customers are the more likely they will want to participate in the future

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