How Can Your Dealership Raise The Bar?

Imagine searching the internet and calling the dealership with your ideal vehicle only to find out the Sales Rep or Agent has no real knowledge or recollection of who you are or what you’re looking for. Or even after having an amazing vehicle purchasing experience and coming back for an oil-change or simple part installation only to have horrible service followed by management avoiding your calls and concerns. Many individuals do not have to imagine this because it is a reality that has made automotive consumers apprehensive about certain dealerships that do not make the experience personable for them. A company that fails to connect with potential buyers or cuts its customer satisfaction off after the purchase of the vehicle is destined to have their disregardful service bite them down the line.

leaderIn order to create a real competitive edge in your dealership, there needs to be a strong connection with your customer and community needs as well as with your staff. Top reviews, brand loyalty, employee retention, and a number of other topics pertaining to your companies ability to strive directly correlate to your ability to offer consistent service during interactions with any employee. If you are looking to raise the bar at your dealership you have to first make sure that you have made it clear to your staff. Employees should know what they are reaching for and the expectations for their individual roles in order for it to be met collectively. Regular quarterly or even monthly evaluations help facilitate this process and ensure concerns, issues, or confusion does not build up.

Aside from knowing what your staff is collectively striving for as far as excellence is concerned, accessibility and reliability with your clients goes a long way in setting your dealership apart from the rest. Because we live in the “now” age, being able to have our questions answered quickly and efficiently is the standard. Dealerships that utilize text or CRM apps that can manage messages to mobile devices have a higher chance of quickly mitigating client related issues as well as closing sales. No one wants to communicate with a Sales Rep or Service Manager who offers incorrect information or does not respond at all, in fact, that is the quickest way to lose business. Aim to achieve a quick precise response and be intentionally personable by asking questions that pertain to the matter of the message to show the customer you are genuinely interested in their concerns and compatibility

Another way to enhance customer service and raise the bar is to be digitally accessible. In addition to living in the “now” age, being accessible online and having a digital footprint bring can go a long way towards putting you over your competitors. Yes, today most businesses have a website and social media, but how many of them have mobile compatibility on their website or so the growing number of mobile consumers can easily maneuver your inventory or service-related features. If you are not one of those businesses look into how you can improve ways that your online presence is compatible with multiple devices as the customer experience first point of contact is often made online, via the mobile web.

In this unique field individuals looking to find a vehicle eventually can grow your network of potential customers as word of mouth extends to your current customer’s friends and partners and so on. These relationships don’t always end once the vehicle is off the lot as we see many customers committed to dealerships because of their dedication to superb service months and even years after the initial sale. A satisfied customer should always be the aim for the business and its employees from the first point of contact and beyond. If you are stuck on how to better satisfy your customers or are curious about how your customers perceive your service, check out Figure Out Your Customers with Surveys and see if it could be a means to assist with raising the bar in your dealership today.

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