How To Get Used Buyers To Come Back For Servicing

For a number of dealers, marketing efforts do not exceed a few scheduled posts, emails, and ads to online forums such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Even if you are operating from a larger dealership, the popular misconception is that marketing is time-consuming and besides keeping up with inventory and reaching potential customers, efforts to promote dealership services with used buyers can sometimes be minimal. The truth is that if you plan on having customers return for servicing or product specials and promotions you need to build a simple and efficient marketing system centered around educating and ease of use for repeat customers.

Particularly with used car sales we see a disconnect of retention in servicing that most likely begins once you have left the showroom or lot. Following the lot is usually an F&I push, where a majority of dealers end their engagement when it comes to used buyers as a number of manufacturer retention programs neglect strong marketing in this space. However, if you are expecting a used buyer to come back for maintenance or repairs you need to implement a custom marketing system needs that specifically focuses on used vehicle purchasers following the initial sale.

Whether this is an emphasis on special promotions or the convenience of online appointment booking at your dealership, the customer needs to see the value in returning to your business over visiting Uncle Bob’s Oil & Lube or a local automotive repair shop. This is often times stressing that certified technicians trained to specifically understand and service your vehicle comprise the dealership service department in comparison to an independent mechanic who may only have general knowledge of your car’s issue.

It’s vital to keep in mind that the importance of utilizing a custom marketing system informs your customers and offers a learning environment for them to make an educated judgment rather than them having to question if you are just trying to sell them something else that they can get elsewhere. Cater the system to your specific buyer profiles and look at ways in which you can streamline the purchasing experience for buyers. Read Cultivating Service Technicians and Engagement During Servicing for more information on steps to build your dealerships customer loyalty and retention.

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