Improve Your Sales Process Starting With F&I

Keeping your customers in mind during all parts of the vehicle purchasing process can alleviate a number of concerns customers today have with the searching and buying experience. One of the greatest complaints of all is the amount of time the entire thing takes. Instead of having your customers spend all day at your dealership start to think of ways you can condense the time while not cutting corners. I suggest starting with F&I.

Each dealership has specific needs to meet for the customers, and although you can not please everyone going the extra mile sets a standard for offering a more compelling way to meet those core needs as well as the needs of the dealer. Communication should be strong between these two departments starting with being on the same page regarding the steps of the sale. Think of ways to go beyond just offering pamphlets or literature of your F&I products such as allowing sales reps to introduce F&I Specialist before the close and going over the products together. This collaboration can provide a strong foundation on the financial information for the customers as well as allow the customer, who has already built rapport with the Sales Rep, to see the F&I Specialist as an integral part of the sale and not just another part of the process to speed through after the close.

In the world of specialty vehicles, this is crucial and can foster a strong partnership between your business and the customer. Being empathetic towards the customer’s needs and keeping in mind how stressful and time-consuming the whole process can get all contribute to the customer’s outlook on your dealership as well as their ability to trust that you won’t steer them in the wrong direction.

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