Stay On Top Of Employee Expenses with Expensify



Internal accounting can be difficult, especially when you have let too much time pass before you decide to account for expenses.  For the small business owner that is not in the position to employ a large accounting firm, costly products, or software that aids your finance department in staying on top of incoming and outgoing money.

Expensify is a mobile application that automates expense transactions and allows you to manage expense receipts as well as create, approve, and export expense reports. Featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, Expensify boasts customers such as Yahoo,, and WordPress who find the ease and efficiency of the mobile app beneficial to their companies.

Some of the Features Include:expensify

  • One-Click Receipt Scanning
  • Next-Day Reimbursement
  • Automatic Approval Workflows
  • Automatic Accounting Sync




With tax season here, an honest evaluation of whether you are accurately and efficiently keeping your books in order or not is worth your companies time.  From tracking travel expenses such as ubering and lunch/dinner meetings during a conference to the use of petty cash for events, Expensify makes it possible to stay on top of your businesses accounts.




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