Infinity Mobile CRM
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Ignite Your Sales

Sys2K's Infinity Mobile CRM increases efficiency, speeds up the sales process, and allows you to easily attract and retain more customers. Infinity CRM incorporates the latest technologies with powerful features to spark maximum sales revenue.

The Power of a Fully-Integrated CRM Anytime and Anywhere

  • Search Icon Filter and search inventory, then view details and photos

  • Prospect Preferences Icon Set prospect preferences to quickly find a perfect match

  • Quick Note Icon Create quick quotes and easily estimate payments

  • Clock In Icon Clock in, out, and set do not disturb to keep your team connected

  • Accessible Icon Accessible from any mobile device or internet browser

Work Smarter and Drive Sales

  • Connect Icon Connect with hot contacts and stay on top of your call list

  • Task Icon View, edit, and add tasks to keep ahead of deadlines

  • Color coding Icon Color-codes prioritize tasks and contacts

  • Track Sales Icon Track sales goals with a personalized Sales Dashboard

Mobile CRM Desktop

With Infinity integration, the Sys2K CRM becomes an information powerhouse. The customer record not only contains pertinent contact information and records emails and notes, it also tracks valuable sales data including trade information, vehicle preference, price ranges, credit information, and preferred communication methods. View any customer's past vehicle sales, parts and service purchases, and set credit limits for future sales.

  • Search Icon
    Designed for multi-locations

  • Prospect Preferences Icon Easy lead reassignment allows for scheduling leads by type, vehicle, source, and time frame

  • Clock In Icon Customize statuses so you can set lead ones that are important to you

  • Accessible Icon Lead rotation and notifications

  • Connect Icon Brand your business with email templates

  • Task Icon Automatic data cleanup eliminates duplicate records and work.

  • Quick Note Icon Create and schedule email campaigns to target prospects and current clients using collected data from any module in the DMS

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